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Family Day fun in Neqotkuk


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Wow! What a day! ASRNB staff are honoured to have spent the day in Neqotkuk First Nation Community participating in the activities. 

Willow Francis and Cherie on the tube with a new friend. Cherie crushing the snow snakes amongst the staff however Creighton took on the youth and still lost. At least that is what they told us. 

A great day, amazing attendance, lots of prizes handed out, great food- including the red hot dogs that Creighton loves. 

Thank you to Councillor Brad Sappier and Community Manager Richard Moulton for the invitation. 

Hannah Somers lost the “who was going to fall asleep first” bet on the drive. That’s ok because she is the rookie member of our staff and takes the trophy from last year’s rookie, Willow! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Family Day! Can’t wait for this to be an annual event and come back next year.