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Staff Code of Conduct

As a Coach, Manager, Chaperon or other members under Aboriginal Sport and Recreation New Brunswick representing Team New Brunswick NAIG 2023, I agree to:

  • I will always act in a respectful manner, and strive to be a role model for the athletes, staff, and all youth, I will keep calm and not take any of my frustration out on any Athletes, coaches, chaperons etc.
  • I will be professional as I not only represent my sport and Province, I represent ASRNB and my community.
  • I will ensure the safety of athletes as a first priority.
  • I will be supportive to all team NB athletes, coaches, and others.
  • I will work as a team with the fellow coaches and staff to accomplish the goal that we set for our team.
  • I will enjoy every minute I am there and embrace the moments.
  • I realize this is a privilege and not a right and I will remain grateful.
  • I will maintain a positive mindset throughout including during challenging situations.
  • I will motivate the athletes to reach their fullest potential in a manner that ensures the athletes enjoy the experience.
  • I will commit to ensure that every athlete has a positive experience.
  • Refrain from the use of Alcohol and Drugs.

By signing this document, I am honored and privileged to be a part of ASRNB and Team New Brunswick as well as being a positive role model for the youth of my province who one day, I hope will fill the shoes I am in right now and share their experiences and stories the same way I’m able to share and experience mine.